Most organisations today do not have the necessary expertise and knowledge to protect themselves from the latest cyber security risks and threats. Too often, cyber security breaches occur not just because internal cyber security staff are not capable of thwarting threats, but also because their non-security staff became an entry point due to their lack of security awareness.

At Quann, we assist by providing a sophisticated simulation and training platform for your cyber security staff to hone their skills and learn critical security knowledge. We can also aid your organisation in cultivating a security first culture.

How does Quann EMPOWER benefit you?

Empower your employees with security awareness and know-how

Reduces internal exposure and risk by empowering your employees with cyber security awareness and know-how.

Strengthen your cyber defences through simulated attacks

Helps strengthen your defences by exposing gaps and vulnerabilities through simulated attacks so that remedial action can be taken.

Effective hands-on cybersecurity training

Provides effective hands-on training for your cyber security team.


Cyber Range Service

Our facilities can be used by organisations to model and simulate missions and advanced threats. This helps you to harden your defences and develop more effective security solutions. It also provides your cyber security team with hands-on practice against new and emerging threats so that they will be combat-ready in the event of an attack.


Cyber Security Awareness Programme

We provide training and awareness programmes and equip your employees with the security know-how to protect your business against growing security risks and compliance missteps.