To counter shape-shifting threats by highly-motivated and elusive attackers, you need to understand the latest developments in cyber security and the threat environment.

Quann Managed Security Services combine this knowledge with visibility into your assets and network, enabling you to seek out known and unknown threats and stop them before they can stop your business.

How does Quann PROTECT benefit you?

Quann minimises your business interruptions

Minimises business interruption and ensures quick service restoration with fast response to intrusions.

Quann gives you complete real-time visibility

Provides complete real-time visibility into your organisation's security profile using our patented intelligence tools and analysis.

Leverages our industry-specific knowledge to align your security policies and practices with the legal, regulatory and standards requirements of your sector (for example, PCI, SOX, HIPAA , IBTRM and IM8F).

Quann Protect


Security Incident Monitoring and Analytics

Our certified security analysts leverage our elite threat intelligence and advanced detection technologies to monitor, compile and sift through voluminous network data, eliminate false positives and alert you to threats that could disrupt your organisation - in real-time.


Security Device Management

Our security experts provide full maintenance and management of security devices including configuration, backups, software upgrades and patching, and 24.7.365 monitoring through our Security Operations Centres (SOCs).


Identity and Access Management

We ensure that valuable data and applications are safeguarded. This is done through secure access, security policy enforcement and business-driven identity governance across the physical, mobile and cloud environments.

Website Defacement Detection

We provide comprehensive 24.7.365 monitoring of your websites, web applications and web transactions to ensure availability and integrity. This also enables you to respond quickly and more effectively in the event of an attack.


Operational Technology Defence

We deliver a purpose-built security platform, conduct gap assessment and carry out remediation to protect your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).


Detection by Deception

We help businesses design a complex deception architecture to divert unauthorised network access to an alternate reality network environment, and stealthily gather information about the attackers.


User Behaviour Analysis

Our user behaviour analysis technology combines advanced mathematics with machine learning to detect anomalous user behaviour so that you can deal with both known and unknown threats.


Web Application Firewall

We can effectively detect and defend against malicious web attacks using our intelligent web application firewall that moves up the attack chain to evaluate and categorise the behaviour of all incoming traffic.