During a breach, it's important to react quickly to contain the threat and minimise the impact by discovering the root cause. However, moving too quickly without the right intelligence, skills and experience can be a costly mistake.

At Quann, our incident response and forensics experts make use of digital forensics, malware analysis and other investigative methods to determine the root cause of cyber security breaches and put in place remediation measures to make sure that they do not recur. This enables you to move quickly to contain threats without risking costly missteps.

How does Quann RESCUE benefit you?

Increase cybersecurity incident response efficiency

Increases the efficiency of incident response across various stages of the threat cycle including intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery and compliance management.

Provides you with immediate access to deep technical skills to address cyber security issues.

Take a proactive approach to security

Enables you to take a proactive approach to security through pre-emptive incident preparation, data preservation and in-depth data analysis.


Incident Response

Quann's Incident Response and Management team helps to identify the source of a security incident, isolate the affected systems, minimise repercussions through containment and establish a strategy for threat removal and remediation.


Incident Analytics and Forensics

Through computer forensics and the analysis of complex systems, we help you uncover evidence of cyber security breaches, data compromise and at-risk data.