With the exponential growth in mobile, cloud, and the Internet of Things technologies, your attack surface today is wider than ever. Understanding your vulnerabilities across these channels can turn weaknesses into your best defence.

At Quann, we draw on our vast experience in cyber security and risk management and our insights into the tactics, techniques and procedures used by threat actors to help you anticipate threats, disrupt attacks and respond decisively.

How does Quann CONSULT benefit you?

Mitigate Cyber Security Risks

Helps you to mitigate risk by making it visible and crystallising it through a combination of deep expertise, proven methodologies and best-in-class toolsets.

Protect your organisation with full-scale cybersecurity programmes

Protects your organisation with full-scale security programmes designed, implemented and managed by our team of highly-skilled and experienced security experts.

Ensures that security is aligned with your business needs through well-defined service and risk level agreements modelled on your requirements.


Cyber Security Advisory

We design and develop cyber security policies and strengthen your risk management, cyber security posture and compliance to ensure the integrity and availability of your data and systems.

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Cyber Security Testing

We conduct expert testing to identify vulnerabilities and risks in your applications, networks, employees and even in your team, so that you can arm yourself with new ways to strengthen your organisation’s security posture.

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Compliance and Risk Assessment

We assess your current state against well-established cyber security frameworks and international best practices. The objective is to identify gaps and design a security roadmap tailored to your specific business, risk tolerance, and strategic security goals.

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We have the Security Standards to serve different industries

Security Standards for Finance Industry


  • Base II
  • SOX
Security Standards for the Healthcare Industry


Security Standards for Retail Sector


Security Standards for Telecommunications Industry


  • ISO27001
  • ISP authorities and policies
Security Standards for Goverments


  • ISO27001
  • IM8F
Security Standards for all kinds of industries


  • ISO27001
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