Over 90% of companies are not ready for cyber attacks

The only way to properly address cyber threats is to first assess the readiness of your organisation's cyber security posture.

The Quann Cyber Security Posture assessment offers a holistic and non-intrusive measurement of your cyber security posture, covering policy, operation, training, perimeter, network, endpoint, application, and data encryption.

With your personalised result, you can gain awareness of your environment and assess your overall risk exposure in the cyber space.

With Quann Cyber Security Posture, you can:

  • Gain insights to your vulnerabilities and take pre-emptive actions
  • Assess your readiness against industry standards
  • Optimise your IT resources by better aligning technology initiatives to business requirements
  • Prioritise your plans to protect against cyber threats
  • Formulate a cyber security roadmap with progressive stages of implementation

Take the Quann Cyber Security Posture assessment now.

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